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A road trip to the theme parks of South Korea’s Gyeonggi province

There's so much that South Korea has to offer beyond the K-Pop and the shopping.
The province of Gyeonggi, for instance, is just an hour's drive away from Seoul, and is a great destination for those looking for a good mixture of fun and history.
Onemount is a 48-hectare indoor theme park where families can choose between spending time in its snow or water parks. It gets cold, but they provide thick coats to keep people warm.
Notable attractions in the snow park include the main hall where people can skate and sled. There's also a charming carousel for children, while teens can enjoy the party-like atmosphere as the place can quickly turn into a club with its light show and sounds.
Ever wanted to get towed by Siberian huskies? Onemount has a pack in the facility and guests are welcome to human gyroscope ride for sale the sled and be whisked around. It's an exhilarating experience. Finally, you can say "mush!"
Cross to the other side and thaw in the water park. It has various slides, some as high as five storeys, while its indoor pool facility caters to kids and adults alike. There's a 250-meter long wave pool, but the kiddie section is also super, as there are a lot of water-spewing gadgets the little ones can tinker with.

Ansan Star Village
We visited Gyeonggi in September, when fall was just about to kick in and the weather was at a perfect low 20s. After a full day at Onemount, we headed over to Ansan Star Village. The place looks like a dream, illuminated by millions of LED lights.
There are different stations depicting the different seasons, but it also devotes a lot of space for lovers and soon-to-be lovers who want to have romantic moments. There's a Road of Cupid and a Road of Love, but the highlight would be the Road of Proposal, where people can walk through and be under various declarations of love.
For those who love art, Ansan Star Village also has a Vincent Van Gogh exhibit. The great master's works are transformed into various stations where people can take pictures and be part of the masterpieces themselves.
Everland is Korea's first amusement park. Opened in 1976 and owned by tech giant Samsung, it covers 100 hectares of land. Don't miss the K-Pop hologram featuring YG Entertainment stars like BIGBANG, 2NE1, Psy, G-Dragon, and Epik High. They also have a store for K-pop merchandise, enough to make your teen sister/friend/relative break down in happy tears.
Exploring the theme park is like going on a trip around the world, as its American Adventure section boasts of the usual theme park rides for sale cheap. The European Adventure has flower gardens and Swiss chalets along with fountains, but out back is the T-Express, a wooden roller coaster that offers one of the world's steepest drops. Magic Land, meanwhile, is for the younger ones, offering at least 22 kid-friendly small ferris wheel for sale.
The best part of Everland is Zoo Topia. It covers 52 hectares of land and is as legitimate an eco-safari adventure as it gets. If going to Africa is a bit out of reach, Everland shuttles its guests around with amphibious vehicles to meet 150 animals of different species. They have all kinds of tigers, lions, bears, and elephants, all majestic and just meters away.
Korean Folk Village
The Korean Folk Village is where the present meets the past. Nothing tells you how significant a place is than the number of students who roam around. Koreans have a rich history, and they encourage the youngest students to experience what it was like to live they way their ancestors did. Inside the village are hundred-year-old homes occupied by everyone from farmers to noblemen.
Tourists may also be familiar with some parts of the village, as it was used for popular Korean TV dramas like "Jewel in the Palace." Click to know more.
Suwon Hwaseong Fortress
The Suwon Hwaseong Fortress is an awesome showcase of ancient Korean ingenuity. It was built in 1794 by King Jeongjo to serve as a tomb for his father Crown Prince Jangheon. The UNESCO heritage site is a mixture of stone and bricks, with command and sentry posts surrounding the fortress. When standing atop the structure, holes of different angles also give archers an unparalleled advantage over those who attacked the structure. Nowadays, visitors can also experience this as the fortress's archery range remains functional.

Gwangmyeong Cave
Those looking for something to do with nature should take a drive to Gwangmyeong Cave. The cave was once used to mine gold, but eventually became a source of silver, copper and zinc. A devastating flood in 1972 shut down the mining operations for good, before it was re-purposed to be a tourist attraction.
Temperature inside the cave is at a cool and constant 12 degrees Celsius. The cave's path is lined with LED lights, and inside are various exhibitions featuring the history of the cave along with a natural waterfall, aquariums, a performing art center, and a wine cellar carrying Korea's finest wine products. — BM, GMA News
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