Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Disney Rides at Magic Kingdom

There is something so very magical about Disney World, everything about it brings out your inner child making you feel full so of life for the duration of your stay. I love Disney World but I do have a favourite Disney park which for me is Magic Kingdom. The last time we went my children were 7 and 9 (and my parents 60 and 63) and it was just fantastic. There were so many of the Disney carnival carousel for sale and attractions that all three generations could enjoy together to create fantastic memories.

The Disney rides that the kids enjoyed the most were Big Thunder Mountain Railroad which is a runaway train roller coaster and The Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Big Thunder Mountain is located in Frontierland along with another of our top Disney rides which was Splash Mountain a water flume adventure ride. One of my favourites has always been It's a Small World which is an indoor boat ride through scenes from many countries of the World, with the catchy "It's a small world"song played as you go along. When I come off that ride I find myself humming the tune from the ride for at least the next hour! It's a Small world really is one the whole family can enjoy this ride is in Fantasyland along with another couple of our favourite rides Cinderella's Golden mini carousel for sale which is a beautiful grand carousel for sale ride and the Dumbo the flying Elephant, which is a very popular Disney ride for children both of these rides the whole family went on together.

Of course different height restrictions apply for different Disney Rides so check these out preferably before you go, we found it easier when planning our Disney vacation to find out which Disney rides the kids could definitely not go on then we could avoid them and because they knew beforehand if they were too small it didn't cause a problem but to be totally honest I think there was only one ride that my son wanted to go on that he was too small for anyway. Also think about getting fast passes for some of the popular Disney Rides such as Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Another one of our favourites in Magic Kingdom was Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin it's an interactive space adventure based on Toy Story 2, an outer space themed ride which was loads and loads of fun. This ride is in Tomorrowland which is also where the Tomorrowland Speedway is this is a ride where you drive your own race car the kids really enjoyed this one. So these are just a few of my families favourite Disney rides, but I'm sure you'll find your own favourites when you go there and start creating your own special Walt Disney World memories.

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