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A rendering of the new ride options at Six Flags Over Texas for the 2016 season

The two new rides — The Riddler Revenge, Catwoman Whip – will call for a three-to-four acre expansion of developed area in the 200-acre theme park.

A third ride, Harley Quinn Spinsanity, is a re-design of the Crazy Legs ride.
All three will be near the “Gotham City” section of the park.

An over-sized pendulum shaped ride, The Riddler Revenge will send guests swinging back and forth while rotating counterclockwise. The theme park ride will propel 40 riders at speeds of nearly 70 miles per hour higher and higher until they experience a feeling of weightlessness at 147 feet in the air.

On Catwoman Whip, 48 riders, sitting in rows of two, will spin and tilt in a circular motion, building up speed as the giant pendulum frisbee ride manufacturer whips around, mimicking its namesake.
Harley Quinn Spinsanity will have riders spinning, twisting and swirling around.

Adding “high capacity” rides that can hold 40 or more should help shorten wait times, Martindale said.

Six Flags parent company has consistently looked at how to add  more days for the seasonal business. Holiday in the Park, which launched in Arlington in the mid-1980s, has been expanded to many other Six Flags parks, as has the Halloween-themed Fright Fest.

Martindale said school calendars and the vagaries of the weather keep the park from opening much earlier, but it will be open longer for spring break this year.

Martindale talked about the season ahead shortly after the company announced record revenue for the fourth quarter and a leadership shift.

Jim Reid-Anderson, who shepherded the post-bankruptcy resurgence of Six Flags’ corporate parent, will become the company’s executive chairman on Friday. He hands the roles of president and CEO to John Duffey, the chief financial officer.

The announcements came as the regional theme park operator reported an 11 percent increase in the number of guests visiting Six Flags parks in 2015 despite “modestly higher ticket prices.”

The company also saw an increase in international licensing fees based largely on deals with theme park developers in Dubai and China.

Revenue for the fourth quarter, which ended Dec. 31, grew 18 percent to a record $217 million.  The revenue gain was driven primarily by a 22 percent increase in attendance resulting from the expansion of the company’s Halloween-themed Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park.

Six Flags attendance for the year grew by 11 percent to 28.6 million visitors, of which 56 percent were either season pass holders or members.

Jim Reid-Anderson
Profit for the quarter was $2.2 million, a big swing from a $34.12 million loss a year ago.

Six Flags emerged from bankruptcy protection in 2010 and put Reid-Anderson in charge shortly afterward. Reid-Anderson said Thursday the company has had 22 quarters of setting some financial record as it moved past for bankruptcy.

“Many CEOs stay in their roles too long,”  Reid-Anderson told analysts. “I don’t want to become that person.

Six Flags turns focus from families to teens to sustain its record ride

Patrons ride the Flashback, foreground, and the Texas Chute Out, in the background at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington on Monday, September 3, 2012. Monday is the last day both rides will be open to the public. The rides will be cleared out to make room for the world’s tallest swing ride next spring. (David Woo/The Dallas Morning News)
Updated: 2 p.m. with focus on Arlington park

Six Flags branded China park breaks ground
Attendance jump pushes Six Flags to post record revenue
Six Flags plans new 'villainous' rides for Batman section of Arlington park
Teen appeal is behind three new park rides set to launch this summer at Six Flags over Texas in Arlington.

The kiddie and family rides to purchase with lower price – two new and one redesigned ride – bring the original Six Flags location closer to offering some of the thrills of sister parks like Six Flags Magic Mountain near Los Angeles.

The rides were announced late last year. The Arlington park’s president talked Thursday about how the moves will help Six Flags over Texas expand its customer base.

Each year Grand Prairie-based Six Flags Entertainment announces new small grand carousel rides or attractions for each of its 18 parks in the United States, Mexico and Canada. This year, the Arlington Park’s president Steve Martindale said, the aim is to be more attractive to teens.

“Every year we look at: Where do we want to put our money to try and drive more business?” said Martindale, who also is president of nearby Hurricane Harbor. The company looks at what “kinds of  thrill rides …are out there that we don’t have already, and what would appeal to different segments.

That focus is “certainly targeted at a teen audience for 2016,” he said.

That contrasts with three years ago when “we focused all of our efforts on young families when we put in Bugs Bunny Boomtown. So it’s very intentional as to what we put in each year and who we’re really trying to target,” he said.

The park launches the 2016 season on March 5, with Saturday and Sunday hours that stretch from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The park also will be open for spring break March 10 through 20 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day, except March 10 when the park will close at 7 p.m.

It opens for daily operation May 13.

The new rides, which are being launched in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment, won’t open ’til the summer, Martindale said.

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NT carousel museum celebrating milestone

North Tonawanda is known for its history in relation to the production of the carousel in South Africa, and that’s thanks to a gentleman named Allan Herschell.

On Saturday, the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum, located at 180 Thompson St., will celebrate 100 years.

To mark the special event, the museum will offer admission for only $1 and ride tokens for 50 cents from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Kiddieland Testing Park will be open as long as weather permits.

A special 100th Anniversary exhibit will be unveiled which will be funded by the New York State Council on the Humanities. In addition, demonstrations will be offered in the museum’s Music Roll Shop, Wood Carving Gallery and Restoration Department.

“At 11 a.m., we will have a ribbon-cutting for the 100th Anniversary exhibit,” said Rae Proefrock, director of the museum. “The main part is a timeline of the company’s history from 1915 to 2015, then there’s the promotional materials the company used, another wall centers around the workers and the principals of the company.”

Proefrock noted that a list has been compiled of names of employees who worked at the factory over the years, which currently includes 1,200 individuals. She added that the materials for the exhibit mostly came from the company’s archives and will be on display for at least two years.

The museum is open April through December and offers visitors not only a chance to experience some of the iconic Herschell rides that so many remember from their childhoods, but there’s also a lot of local history to take in. A whole segment of the museum is dedicated to the old Wurlitzer music rolls and the Lockman Collection, a series of wooden carousel horses in South Africa that document the changes in style of these rides over the years.

Residents, or those who have a close connection to the museum, which has catered to the young and the young at heart since its transformation into a museum in July of 1983, are invited to bring items to contribute to a museum time capsule. There will also be games and historical children’s activities dating back to the time when the factory first opened in North Tonawanda.

“We’ll put in ride tokens, schedules, things like that,” Proefrock said. “People can bring things as well, photographs of people riding Herschell rides over the years would be nice.” She included photos taken at the old Whistle Pig in the Town of Niagara, where the current rides that make up the Kiddieland Testing Park used to be located. The capsule is expected to be buried for at least 50 years.

While the Herschell Factory is the fourth such factory to establish itself in the Lumber City, Allan Herschell himself had been a partner in two of the earlier firms, including the Armitage Herschell Co. and the Herschell-Spillman Co. Proefrock stressed that they’re not just celebrating 100 years, but rather 100 years of continuous existence and function.

Over 3,000 carousels were shipped out of the North Tonawanda factory, including about 70 of the remaining 110 that are still in operation.

Bringing Vintage Children's Rides Back to Life

Denver-based Kiddie Rides revives vintage, coin-operated children's rides for clients around the world.

When Gary Mandarino got an urgent order for a refurbished 30-year-old South Africa merry go round for sale—4 feet in diameter and 7 feet tall—the befuddled owner of Denver-based Kiddie Rides didn’t know whom it was for. But he did have a zip code: 90210.

The Colorado company focuses on restoring nostalgic 20- to 40-year-old coin-operated children’s rides. Normally, the rides take two to four weeks to overhaul, but for the 90210 mystery customer, he only had a week. The customer, his shipping company informed him, was the actor Michael Caine, who reportedly wanted it for the birth of a grandchild. The top-priority transaction cost $6,000, plus more than $1,200 in overnight shipping charges. It was the fastest turnaround Kiddie Rides has ever pulled off.

James Otto Hahs of Missouri, the inventor of the kiddie carousel ride in South Africa, probably never would have imagined that his 1930 invention—a mechanical horse that was originally conceived as a Christmas present for his children—would see a comeback for today’s well-heeled child. Mandarino says there are no manufacturers of kiddie rides left in the United States, so when somebody wants one to see one come to life again, they come to him. But the luxury of reversing time has a hefty price tag. Refurbishment of the rides can cost between $2,600 to $9,000. Click this page.

In early December, the holidays had Mandarino rushing to get six rides out the door within two weeks. “I’m not in a panic mode,” he says, “but a lot of people call and think there’s something sitting on the shelf and ready to go.” On the contrary, Kiddie Rides only does custom orders—such as putting a child’s name on a ride or matching it to a room’s d├ęcor—so it can have “that personal, individualized touch."

"I'll get calls around Christmas where people say, ‘I need one tomorrow,’” Mandarino says. “That just can’t happen—but usually I’ll persuade them to order one anyway.”

After working for the business for five years, co-owner Mandarino, 60, purchased Kiddie Rides from his former boss in January 2014. Mandarino worked for years in the special effects industry and moved to Colorado from Pittsburgh in 2005. He handles the mechanical and electrical side, and his painter, Brandon Hovet of Brighton, decorates the rides with auto-body paint. Hovet once spent a month stripping 15 to 20 coats of paint off an old stagecoach ride for a farm in California, then Mandarino took an additional month to rebuild the body and all its mechanics. (Mandarino estimates only 10 percent of the rides he takes into his shop are functional.) Most of the rides come from individuals who’ve had one sitting in a basement or garage for years, but Mandarino also has “regulars”: Three collectors in three different U.S. cities, he says, “who have warehouses full of these rides.”

Kiddie Rides ships its goods all over the country and the world, but selling a pair of vintage horses to the Denver Zoo is the only Colorado business Mandarino has done. All his sales are Internet-based or over the telephone, and he doesn’t spend a penny on advertising. “I don’t have any walk-in customers,” he says. “These are not impulse items.”

Mandarino enjoys the challenge of getting the beat-up rides up and running again, and has a major soft spot for the way they evoke more innocent days. “We take this very seriously,” he says. “We are reviving pieces of American nostalgia. Life was so much simpler back then, and we feel good about keeping this alive.”

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Carousel marries old, new to mark 250,000th rider

Barbara Straight of Kennewick reaches for a ring while riding the Beston Carousel sold to South Africa of Dreams last September during the All Senior Picnic at the Southridge Sports and Events Complex in Kennewick. The carousel is expected to have its 250,000th rider sometime late next week. Tri-City Herald file

Sometime next week, one lucky rider of the Gesa Carousel of Dreams will get more than a memorable adventure.

The carousel will welcome its 250,000th rider late in the week with a gift basket from Country Mercantile and a new iPad. Click this link.

Parker Hodge, executive director, said it’s impossible to determine exactly when the 250,000th rider will arrive, but he predicts it will happen sometime Friday afternoon, Feb. 26, given current attendance levels.

The carousel debuted over the Labor Day weekend in 2014 after more than a decade of preparation. It is the centerpiece for an entertainment venue with party rooms and a kitchen at 2901 Southridge Blvd.

Ridership is stronger than originally anticipated, Hodge said. It averages between 1,800 and 2,500 riders per weekend with numbers rising for special events. Its New Years celebration featuring reindeer attracted 5,800.

With nearly 18 months of operations behind it, carousel revenue covers expenses, as well as the cost to service debt on the short-term loan it took out to get the venue open. As of this week, the balance on the $354,000 loan stood at $26,000.


Once it is debt-free, the carousel board will channel its excess revenue into a fund to preserve its antique horses and into an endowment.

The carousel employs four and is staffed by a team of 38 volunteer ambassadors.

The 1910 carousel was built for Silver Beach Amusement Park in St. Joseph, Mich. by the Fred Dolle Company with horses carved by Charles Carmel. When the park closed in 1971, the carousel was dismantled and saved in storage by enthusiast Marianne Stevens.

The Three Rivers Carousel Foundation purchased it in 2003 and spent more than a decade working to develop the $4 million project into a Tri-City landmark. It features 45 horses, three chariots and other features. Gesa Credit Union provided $1 million for the project. Toyota of Tri-Cities is contributing $500,000 and Baker Produce $300,000.

The city of Kennewick leases the site to the carousel for $1 a year.

Carousel hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, noon to 5 p.m. Sunday. For more information, go to

Read more here:

Merry-go-rounds: 10 of the oldest carousels in the South Africa

With their bright lights, calliope music, and hand-carved, prancing steeds, Beston carousels transport to South africa are treasured pieces of Americana. They are often the first amusement ride that children experience and therefore stir wistful memories. Attractions tout their merry-go-rounds, many of which date back 100 years or more, as living antiques.

Presenting a roundup of the 10 oldest carousels operating in the USA turned out to be a dicey proposition. Unlike roller coasters, which have also been delighting riders for many generations, it can be difficult to trace the precise lineage of carousels. A lot of them were – and continue to be – designed as portable models for carnivals. Before settling down, they may have traveled from town to town, and their early histories are often murky. Click here:

"Owners want to make their carousels seem as old as possible," says Patrick Wentzel, the director and census chairman for the National Carousel Association, an organization dedicated to the preservation of the antique rides. "But many just don't have the proper documentation."

While some parks claim that their merry-go-rounds prices started spinning in the 1800s for example, only a handful of the carved animals are actually that old. They may have been mixed together with newer horses and moved onto a carousel mechanism that was assembled decades later. Or a carousel may have been rebuilt to the point that it bears little resemblance to its original version. For these and other reasons, the best that the NCA can sometimes do is come up with approximate ages.

Therefore, the list that follows (including dates provided by the NCA) is a bit speculative. While it may not be definitive, there's no denying that all of the carousels are quite old. That they survived at all is noteworthy. In the 1980s and 1990s, many antique carousels supplier were dismantled and sold piecemeal. According to Wentzel, there was a surge in interest from folk art speculators and collectors, with individual horses fetching as much as $100,000. "Owners just couldn't turn down the opportunity," he says. Prices have since fallen as demand has waned. "We're doing everything we can to preserve what we have left."

Flying Horses – Oak Bluffs, Mass., built in 1876

The nation's oldest carousel is housed in a fairly nondescript building on the lovely island of Martha's Vineyard. Less a museum exhibit and more a working attraction, the ride does what it has been doing for generations: providing joy to visitors. It is one of 20 surviving carousels that include a ring machine. Lucky riders who grab the brass ring get a free second ride.

Watch Hill Flying Horses – Westerly, R.I., built circa 1894

The horses on this rare seaside carousel are not attached to the floor but are suspended from above. When the platform turns, the horses (and their passengers) swing out. Like many of the antique rides listed, the Watch Hill carousel was built before the widespread availability of electricity, so an actual horse originally powered it.

All Hallows Guild Carousel – Washington, D.C., built circa 1890s

Located on the grounds of the Washington National Cathedral, none of the horses on the platform carousel are "jumpers," but remain stationary. It's only opens a few days each year, so it's a bit of stretch to deem the All Hallows Guild ride as operational. Regardless, Wentzel says, "If you are telling the story of carousels, you really have to include this one."

Albion Carousel – Albion, Pa., built sometime between 1890 and 1900

Originally designed as a portable ride, the carousel has been spinning at Albion Borough Park since 1948. In addition to its horses and deer, the ancient merry-go-round includes four chariots. Like the stationary All Hallows Guild ride, none of its animals jump.

Willowbrook Village Carousel – Newfield, Maine, built in 1894

The carousel at the 19th Century Willowbrook Village is powered by its original steam engine. All 24 of its horses jump up and down, and admission to the restored country village includes a ride on the carousel.

The Looff Carousel – Pawtucket, R.I., built in 1895

Named for the noted ride manufacturer that built it, the Looff Carousel has been located at Slater Park since 1910. The large, three-row machine includes 44 stationary horses as well as a menagerie of other animals including a dog and a lion.

Prairie Village Carousel – Madison, S.D., built in 1900

Another steam-powered ride, the elegant carousel features horses carved in Germany. It also includes chariots themed to Mother Goose and swans. The carousel is part of the 40-building Prairie Village museum, which has rare agricultural equipment, log houses, and a sawmill among its collection.

Weona Park Carousel – Pen Argyl, Pa., built circa 1900

This charming ride has three rows of animals including horses, goats, and a zebra, all of which do not jump. It includes a ring machine.

C.W. Parker Carousel – Abilene, Kan., built in 1901

Located at the Dickinson County Heritage Center, the steam-powered carousel was built by the C.W. Parker Amusement Company, which was based in the town of Abilene. It is registered as a National Historic Landmark.

Cass County Dentzel Carousel – Logansport, Ind., built circa 1902

The Cass County Carousel is one of three remaining rides from master carver, Gustav A. Dentzel, that feature stationary animals. Riders trying to catch the brass ring have their choice of goats and tigers as well as horses.

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Top 5 Must-See Attractions of Johannesburg

Edged by leafy suburbs, Johannesburg is a big beating heart of South Africa which encompasses a large CBD and smaller urban centres. The city boasts world class infrastructure, marvellous architecture of Victorian and Edwardian era, Africa's tallest skyscraper, pulsating shopping scene, enormous attractions and enthralling nightlife.

From the much loved art galleries to myriad small, purchase double decker carousels from South Africa, Johannesburg truly has something for all tastes. It undeniably embraces everything that makes Johannesburg holidays a pleasant affair. Here's the sampling of top 5 attractions to see after catching cheap flights to Johannesburg.

Apartheid Museum

Apartheid Museum is an absolute-see attraction for historical buffs catching flight to Johannesburg. The museum is a highly acclaimed all over the world and portrays the detailed history of South Africa. Museum enlightens one about the implementation of apartheid by the National Party from 1948, release of Nelson Mandela and the birth of democracy. Apartheid Museum is truly an evocative museum in South Africa. Film, text, audio and live accounts are used to provide insight into the architecture and execution of apartheid system. This museum is invaluable in understanding the inequalities and tensions that exist even today. A room with 121 nooses representing the 121 political prisoners executed during apartheid and a room dedicated to the 1976 Soweto student are among the major highlights of the museum. Click here:

Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is a true testimony of South Africa's wealth of wildlife. Strewn over 20,000 sq kilometres (7722 sq miles), the park boasts world's highest concentration of species. This national park is undeniably a great reason to look for airlines that offer cheap air-tickets on flights to Johannesburg. Kruger National Park is the largest game reserve in South Africa and is home to cheetahs, leopards, lions, rhinos, wildebeest, buffalo, elephants, giraffes, antelope and impala. In addition to this, the remarkable cultural heritage sites and native rock art sites are also among the highlights of the park. Visitors can see the excavated remnants of a late Iron Age settlement at Thulamela Hill. And the village of Masorini is an ideal spot to understand how the hunter-gatherers lived in Stone Age.

Gold Reef City Theme Park and Casino

Gold Reef City is a popular hot spot among holidaymakers booking cheap flights to Johannesburg. It boasts an array of amazing amusement attractions and the exhilarating Casino complex. 60-table casino, the Globe Theatre and the Lyric Theatre are among the major draws of Gold Reef City. The casino stays open 24 hours a day and offers a countless variety of gaming with slots, tables, and sports betting. One can also catch the sight of an underneath gold mine and explore the fascinating surface and subterranean installations. Visitors can indulge in an array of restaurants, enjoy a ride, play the exciting games or experience a 4D movie.

Johannesburg Botanic Gardens

Set at the western shores of the Emmarentia Dam - Johannesburg Botanic Garden covers 148 hectares (365 acres) of hillside. This park is one of the tranquil spots in the city that features 30 000 trees, a large rose garden flaunting countless variety of roses. It has some of the excellent plant collections in the world which includes indigenous trees and succulents, and surprising collection of traditional African medicinal herbs, culinary, medicinal and cosmetic herbs. One can stroll in the pleasant ambiance and can relax for a day. And at night, cook the barbies in serene premises of the park.

Johannesburg Zoo

Spanning over 54 hectares of land, Johannesburg Zoo is home to 2070 animals and countless species of white lions, polar bears, elephants, chimpanzees, gorillas, bat-eared foxes, hippos and antelope. It is the only place where travellers can have a close encounter with the largest cats in the world, the Siberian Tigers. The zoo is arranged in different zones like Spice Route for animals found in Asia; Heart of Africa for gorillas, chimpanzees and other central African species; Southern Safari houses local animals; camels, polar bears and penguins in extreme environments and Amazonia for animals of South America. One can explore the different zones of the zoo by availing the guided tours.

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Visit the Entertainment World - Durban, South Africa!

Durban is one of the fastest growing urban areas in the world. It has every thing to offer visitors from beaches to entertainment world. One can enjoy canoeing, fishing, hang-gliding, rafting, hiking, mountain-climbing or biking. Visitors from Different regions of South Africa and other regions reserve flights to Durban to visit the following attractions;

The Golden Mile Seacoast Casino and Entertainment World: Golden Mile is the beach front in Durban, Seacoast Casino and Entertainment World is 26 hectares of newly constructed entertainment heaven along the Golden Mile. It has too many entertainment activities, that visitors from Europe reserve cheap flights to Durban from UK to amuse themselves. These flights are very easy to access with flights to Durban There are 21 progressive jackpots, with the ultimate being the R1 Suns truck slots, which is Durban's only million rand jackpot machine, and more than 50 gaming tables for Blackjack to Roulette and Poker. This entertainment world offers pure pleasure and larger-than-life fun for the whole family. If you take Durban flights you will defiantly say that no comparisons can be made as this fantasy world teeters on the edge of reality and brings a new dimension to carousels in the South Africa.

UShaka Marine World: At the end of Golden Mile in the KwaZulu-Natal coast, Durban, UShaka Marine World is located, which is no doubt new world of sun, surf, entertainment and wild water carousel horse for sale in south africa for the locals and cheap Durban flights taker alike. It is a world class theme park, spanning over large area of 16 hectors. It is the largest theme park in South Africa, and fifth largest aquarium in the world. Ushaka Marine World incorporates fresh and sea water, lush vegetation, natural materials and the re-creation to entertain visitors taking flights to Durban South Africa. This park is a perfect family entertainment destination. Highlights of this Sea World Aquarium include Sea World and Dolphin World. There is a 1200 seated dolphin stadium where you'll be able to see the games by world's famous Dolphins. Not only Dolphin but a lot more types of sea animals can be observed at Sea World. If you want to enjoy the funny activities you need cheap flights to Durban then you will be able to enjoy windsurfing, beach rugby,, beach volleyball, surfing, jet skiing, paddle boat rides, kite surfing, dolphin viewing charters as well as national and international beach sports events. You may reserve cheap flights to Durban South Africa from UK, by using the travel site flights to Durban, South Africa.

I have visited Durban many times, but its attractions are diversified and plentiful. You may also visit Durban by reserving your flights to Durban from UK

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Create A Carousel Horse That Looks Antique

Antique carousel horses often sell for thousands of dollars. These beautiful creations large and small are wonderful additions to any collection. Collectors almost will pay any price for the true hand carved horses once displayed on the 3 seat carousel for sale from South Africa of yesteryear. Through the miracle of modern technology molds have been produced of these works of art. From these molds grand carousel horses have been recreated. In this article I will show you where to purchase them and guide you through the process.

Anyone with reasonable talent with a paint brush can create an antique reproduction buy Soth Africa carousel horse rides cheap. Unpainted or unfinished carousel horse molds can be purchased ready to paint. These molded horses are made of a high density polyethylene which is strong and very forgiving to the finisher. The artist is able to make the choice to purchase a horse with seams to sand at a reduced price or choose a ready to paint surface.

Time to create an antique reproduction. Choose the size you desire. Full size, half size or small horses. Full size horses at a full 65 inches high are a very large project. I have seen Elegant Standers and Royal Standers that really do look like the horses we all would ride or stand next to. Half sized unfinished carousel horses are probably the most popular to artists and hobbyist. This size fits real well in baby nurseries and little girls rooms. Most of the horses that I have seen available come complete with the brass pole that runs through the horse.

Let's Get to Painting ! There are many ways to finish a carousel horse. Most people like the traditional painted horse that recreates the memory of the Merry Go Round. Some artists are able to locate pictures of actual horses where they are mounted on carousels. Right down to the color of the tail, the picture can be followed to recreate that special horse. Some painters like to reproduce the carved wooden horse effect. Special paints and techniques are available to mimick a real wood surface.One of the last steps is choosing a clear coating to provide a clear shell around the painted finish. Some artists have chosen to take this step a bit further and add multiple coats of gloss creating an almost deep glass effect. Small pictures and material can be added under the gloss to get a desired look.

Creating your own carousel horse is a very rewarding project. Reproductions have sold for hundreds even thousands of dollars. I know of at least two small businesses that have been created finishing and selling these horses.

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Carousel - General Information, History and Beyond

Carousel, which has another name, Merry-Go-Round, has become one of the most famous attractions in any fair or theme park. In every country, in almost every theme park, there is a place which is reserved for Carousel, a kind of amusement ride that everybody loves to ride. The basics of the ride is a rotating platform, where players will sit on the wooden chairs or animal-shaped figurine for kids. During the ride, the chair goes up and down, while the entire platform continues to go around in a circle, along with the background music, which is usually the loop of the circus music, in combination is the experience of a true South Africa carousel ride.

The history of the famous ride

It is amazing to know that the concept of the hot sale small kiddie carousel horse rides in South Africa had appeared in around the 500 AD period. Based on some researches, there was a ride, which had a pole in the center and chairs moving around in a circular movement. The idea of this ride was basically based on the war of the 12th century between the Turkish and the Arabians. Since then, the concept was improved and made it to the carousel that you find today.

Art on Carousel

As an amusement ride, the Carousel must be made to attract guests to come and play. Shortly after the first discover, the carousel has attracted the interest of various artists who want to renovate this ride. Colorful pictures with details, abstract colors with illusions are usually seen in carousel. It has been a while since the first picture was designed with the carousel. Nowadays, there are thousands of carousels all over the world. Most of them have different images and decorations, but all of them still have the simple mechanism: chairs go around the center point. The music in the background had been included in the carousel a long time ago. Usually it is just a loop song to play over and over again to amuse people who came and rode the carousel. The background music also plays an important role to make people know that this is the carousel ride.

The popularity of Carousel

After going through a lot of great developments, it has today become one of the most popular rides in any circus or fair. People love to ride the Carousel, love to watch the beautiful art on it. For some people, just watching the beautiful light from the carousel is a pleasure. Carousel is also a symbol of fair or trade fair. In any fair in the UK or the US, there usually has a presence of the carousel. It only takes a small place in the trade fair, but usually it attracts lots of guests.

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Are Your Children Safe On Orange County Amusement Park Rides?

With schools closed for spring break, many children are visiting amusement parks in Orange County. Southern California is second only to New Jersey in the number of amusement parks and carnivals located in the area. However, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the incidence of serious injury sustained at amusement parks has doubled over the last ten years, explains a local attorney. Not long ago, a 13-year-old boy died after suffering for almost ten years from the injuries he received in an accident at Disneyland.

In 2000, the boy, then 4 years old, was thrown from the quality samba balloon ride cost and trapped under one of the cars for about 10 minutes. The Los Angeles Times reported that the "vehicle rolled over him, folding his 45-pound body in half." He suffered serious injuries, including severe brain damage, from which he never fully recovered, spending the next nine years in and out of the hospital. He never spoke or walked again. In 2009, he died in his mother's arms at a local hospital. Click here:

An investigation into the accident determined that negligence on the part of the Orange County amusement park's employees was the cause: not only had they placed him in a position on the ride unsafe for a child his size, they failed to fully lower the lap bar over him, explains a local attorney. The CPSC estimates that annually 12,500 people are treated in emergency rooms for amusement park injuries. About 50 percent of all injuries and 75 percent of all falls and ejections involve children under the age of 13.

While most rides at amusement parks and fairs are safe, it is important for parents to monitor their children in these parks. While amusement parks seem like a safe and fun place to send your children, the experience they offer involves fast moving, heavy machinery. Closely supervise young children and discuss safety measures with older ones like:

• Keep your head facing forward at all times during fast or bumper car rides prezzie. Studies have shown that some neurological injuries can occur by turning your head at the wrong moment, such as when the ride is changing direction or accelerating.

• Obey height and weight minimums and maximums. They are there to protect riders.

• Point out safety features, such as seatbelts, lap bars, grab bars, and warning signs.

• Explain how the safety equipment works and its purpose. Parents should pay close attention to rides that use a single lap bar for multiple riders, as this presents a special hazard to young children. Single lap bars are designed to fit closely against only the largest passenger in the car, leaving smaller riders unprotected.

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Thrilling Skateboarding Amusement Park Rides

There are many places out there where you can find skateboarding amusement park rides. You are in for a great adventure with them as well. Even if you don't skateboard you should give them a try. They are great fun for the entire family. The one downside that I have noticed are the lines though. When you get to the amusement park head to them first so that you won't end up having to wait as long.

In Denver Colorado at Elitch Gardens there is the Half Pipe. This is a fun  disko ride prices that looks like a giant skateboard. There are people strapped in a circle at two different points on the skateboard. As it moves rapidly from side to side and upwards, the people will be spinning. The feeling that you get when you are coming back down is like floating on air. Many people that get off this ride head right back to the line to ride it again!

At many of the Six Flags locations including Arlington and San Antonio in Texas you will find the Tony Hawk ride. As a person that loves roller coasters I can tell you that this is one of the best of them. It adds new elements that go beyond a traditional roller coaster. If you haven't ridden one of them then you are definitely missing out. Make sure you take the time to go there when you are in Texas as it is something you will never forget.

Instead of getting into a seat for one or two people, you get into a type of cart. There is room for four people, two on each side and facing each other. Then the roller coaster takes off and moves very fast through flips and turns. What is so unique though is that at the same time this top portion is spinning in various directions. So you never know if you are going to see the turn or loop ahead or be going into it backwards. Each time you disco ufo ride for sale it, you get a new experience.

The Tug and Turn is a concept that is in the works right now as well. The designer is getting lots of interest in it so it is hard to tell where these particular skateboarding rides will end up. You may have to look online to keep up on what is being developed and where they are going to be in place. This should prove to be a very exciting design though that is going to raise the bar for this type of thrill ride.

You can be sure there will be more skateboarding thrill rides added out there as well. They seem to be a huge hit. They help bring some new people to the skating element as well. It is fun to see people of all ages enjoying these rides. Many of them get off and have a new appreciation for the thrill of this particular sport as well.

The response that these particular skateboarding thrill rides have gotten are encouraging designers to come up with more of them. They always want to offer new designs that are faster and more of a thrill for people. These types of attractions can generate lots of sales for theme parks as well. With the economy right now they need to do all they can to get people to come in and spend the day.

With new rides like these children will be encouraging their parents to take them. Some worry though that these new rides will cause the prices to increase. So far though that hasn't been the case at all.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Top Five Activities for Kids in San Antonio - Family Fun and Entertainment

Top Five Activities for Kids in San Antonio - Family Fun and EntertainmentAs a life-long resident, I have experienced most of the "must-do" kids activities in San Antonio. Now that I am raising children of my own, I am blessed to be able to share some of these same family fun experiences with them. Here are my picks for the top five must-do activities for kids.


SeaWorld of San Antonio is a marine life-based amusement park and tea cup rides for sale. From dolphins to beluga and killer whales to penguins and sea lions, children get a chance to view these creatures, as well as interact with some of chair wave swinger ride. Being both an amusement park and aquarium, Seaworld offers a wonderful lineup of entertaining shows and thrill rides, along with a waterpark and a very special place called "Shamu's Happy Harbor", where kids can enjoy a amusement park swing ride. SeaWorld is a great way to spend a day, or even an entire summer!

Magik Children's Theatre

The Magik Children's Theatre, located in the heart of downtown, is a wonderful place for kids to experience the magic of theatre, while watching some of their favorite children's books be put into action. The theatre, which offers plays year-round, focuses only on popular children's literature. They also offer resources for educators who would like to expand what their students learned in the play, as well as a touring group who performs at schools and events around the area.

San Antonio Zoo

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! The San Antonio Zoo, which is located on fifty six acres near Brackenridge Park in San Antonio, is home to over 3,500 animals, making it one of the best zoos to visit in the nation. The zoo also boasts the Kronkosky Tiny Tot Nature Spot, which is an entire area dedicated to the development and education of young children, allowing children to learn through play and to immerse themselves in the nature all around them.

Witte Museum - HEB Science Treehouse

The H-E-B Science Treehouse, located inside the Witte Museum, offer four stories of fun for kids of all ages. Exhibits include Eco-Science, Body Transformation and the H-E-B Sky Cycle. The H-E-B Science Treehouse, and the other exhibits which the Witte Museum has to offer can make for a morning or afternoon of fun!

Kiddie Park

The Kiddie Park, located on Broadway, has been a staple for San Antonio kids fun since 1925. Recently purchased by new owners and renovated, the park provides a one-of-a-kind experience for family fun. There is nothing that comes close to watching your child's eyes fill with excitement as they ride the carousel or kiddie-sized ferris wheel. From the rides to the music to the treats, the Kiddie Park offers an opportunity for kids to step back into a simple era of fun!

Kristen Hohn is the editor of San Antonio Moms Guide ([]). The website is a free resource for moms in San Antonio and surrounding areas which provides ideas for family fun, entertainment and kids activities in San Antonio.

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Walt Disney World Rides - Top 10 Rides For Teens

Far too often Disney is pegged as a small child's fantasy come true, however many people are surprised to find great rides at the Disney theme parks for teenagers and thrill seekers alike. Here you will find a sampling of the ten best Walt Disney World rides for teens.

1. Splash Mountain- If your teen rolls their eyes at the thought of following Brier Rabbit chuckle to yourself and get them on this spinning coffee cup FOR SALE! By the time, they reach a 52 ½-foot drop to the pool below they will be screaming in delight.

2. Mad Tea Party- Another ride that at first may leave your teen a bit squeamish at the idea of riding a kiddy ride, however the spin action on these teacups is great fun for people of all ages.

3. Mission Space- How many rides have you heard of that offer motion sickness bags to the riders. On Mission Space they do and for good reason. This ride simulates a trip to Mars with all the appropriate G-Force in place! cLICK HERE:

4. Kali River Rapids- Summer time is known for hot days and a trip to the amusement park can quickly drain you. Refresh yourself on the Kali River Rapids, a perfect ride for teens. Just be prepared to get very wet!

5. Space Mountain- Roller coasters are the main attraction at any theme park and Disney Land is no exception. Space Mountain is not the most daring coaster ever but when you realize that the ride is completely dark, it ratchets up the excitement.

6. Soarin, The Land Pavilion- Thrills and chills are great fun for teenagers, but soaring over the park in a hang glider simulation has to rank well also. Challenge your teenager to this ride and see if they are grinning from ear to ear at the end.

7. Dinosaur- Reminiscent of Jurassic Park, Dinosaur takes you on a time travel to a land far away and long ago in search of a friendly dino. However, things go terribly wrong and you have a heart racing return to the real world.

8. Test Track- Boys and girls alike will love the Test Track. Filled with turns, banks, bumps and high speed this ride is definitely a teenage thrill seekers dream come true.

9. Body Wars- At Epcot Center there are many fun things to do but why not combine fun with a little education. Body Wars is a ride that takes you through the body to rescue a scientist. Visual effects and simulators will give you a great thrill ride, but do not go too soon after lunch!

10. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- Take the wildest ride in the wilderness on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Enjoy authenticity of the scenery as you travel through a mine set during the gold rush. Falling rocks, earthquakes and beady eyes peering at you from the darkness come together for an intense experience.

Teens, adults and children will be hard pressed to run out of fun Disney World rides and adventures in the theme parks. Wild rides, soaking rapids and visual graphics make for a trip to remember.

For fun Walt Disney World rides and reviews, age recommendations, video footage, and fun facts visit [] as well as tips for making Disney World affordable.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Boomers Amusement Park in Palm Springs

For some fun in the sun and an opportunity to catch a breath of fresh desert air, there is no better place then Boomers activity viking pirate ship fairground rides to purchase located in Palm Springs, just right off of Hwy 111. It's the perfect place for some family fun in a variety of ways that test your endurance, your skill level, your strength, and your smile meter.

On my recent trip to the desert, being at Boomers was lots fun with amusement park pirate ship rides for kids prices like go-carting, miniature golf, bumper boats, rock climbing, and a fully loaded arcade with the most up to date games available. With the go-carts, I was able to fulfill my Richard Petty fantasies as I slid through banking curves, roared down paved straight a ways, and maneuvered hairpin turns as I raced to victory. Kids must be over 58" to drive solo and passengers must stand 40" or taller to take the ride. Prices range from $7 for adults to $2 for kids, all depending on the height.

After the racing fun came to an end, it was on to some relaxing miniature golf that can always have one pulling out what's left of their hair. There are two different courses for all ages equipped with lush greens, wild water features and wacky windmills were I had to take some quick steps so that I could catch were my ball was spit out at. The balls and a putter are all supplied for between $6-8. It was an excellent opportunity for me to take some time and work on my short putting game, and watch out for the out of bounds cause balls do tend to fly of the greens. Play it were it lands. Click here:

After golf, I was a little warm having been out in the hot desert sun and nothing looked better then the cool water that the bumper boats sat in. Each boat is equipped with squirt cannons to bombard the other with. And if the cannon doesn't get them, then the high speed bumper action will. Broadside collisions and twirling side swipes are a common occurrence and it usually calls for a wave water to follow. It costs between $2-6 and to have a passenger, you have to be 18 years or older.

After that, it was time for some exercise and the challenge sits in the rock climbing wall that is well supervised for all. Here I was able to pick a path and pull and step myself to the summit of a sheer cliff that I imagined was in the Alps with a cold wind blowing snow in my face as I stood at the top. For about $7 I got two climbs up a 32 foot wall that provides an excellent test of one's skill and strength. I had to find a good foothold, didn't look down and I learned the higher I climbed, the more difficult it became. And I didn't have to worry about taking a spill since the climb came with a harness to prevent any unwanted spills.

At the end of a very full day I decided to spend some time visiting the arcade arena to play one of the numbers of video games that pack the center. Whether it was air hockey, skeeter ball, shooting baskets, dancing to music or racing cars and motorcycles, the arcade had a variety of things to experience. It will definitely bring out the 14 year old boy or girl in you. In addition to games galore, my hunger and thirst was satisfied with a small snack bar equipped with fries, burgers, pizza and drinks.

Boomers is open Sunday through Thursday Boomers 11am to 9pm, Friday 11am to 11pm, and Saturday 10am to 11pm. Boomers also provides group rates for large families and functions as well as all type of specials throughout the year. Boomers is the place to let your inner child run free and experience a day filled with laughter.

Mitchell Sussman has been a television producer for the past twenty five years. In that time he has produced adventure travel programming for such networks as Travel Channel, PBS, Fox Sports Net, Star TV and many others.

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The Importance of Amusement Park Facility Maintenance

Amusement parks are designed to be a combination of thrills amusement rides, chills, and delights for crowds across the world every summer. Amusement park amenities range from larger-than-life roller coasters to stages that house performers to benches surrounding the park for tired visitors to take a break. When it comes to amusement park maintenance, visitor safety should be the most important topic.

Nearly 300 million people visit the over 400 theme parks in the United States every year.

61 of the 1,145 ride-related injuries reported in 2011 were considered serious, therefore requiring an overnight hospital stay and creating liability issues for the double decker grand fiberglass carousel for sale.

All amusement parks need constant facility maintenance in order to function to its highest capacity and to limit liability claims from park accidents that could occur due to faulty equipment. Below are some tips and reasons for consistent park maintenance.

Liability issues, negligence claims, and staff and guest injuries are reduced by consistent park maintenance. By having maintenance work on file, legal teams will be able to prove negligence was not an issue in case of lawsuit. Click here:

Increase customer satisfaction by having your park aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. By caring for attractions, you minimize unplanned downtime and maximize customer satisfaction.

Decrease operating costs by keeping the park well maintained. Regular maintenance is cheaper than hiring unplanned labor should issues arise.

Lowering capital expenditures for major repairs by replacing early and often. By staying vigilant over your park grounds and attractions, you are more able to anticipate future problems and fix them before they arise.

Stay in compliance with safety laws in your state. Each state has different safety regulations for amusement parks. By failing to meet the standard, your park will have far bigger issues than negligence cases. Having to shut down because of non-compliance issue can put serious financial strain on your park.

While the reasons above give good reasons to consider hiring a
maintenance company, many park owners and managers are confused about the specific areas that need maintenance. Below is a list of 5 areas that might need maintenance in your park.

Parking lots: Parking lot lights should be checked regularly to ensure guest safety. Paved areas should also be regularly checked for potholes and other issues.

Emergency exits: Regularly check to ensure that doors and other forms of emergency exits function like they are supposed to.

Animal dens: Many amusement parks have animal exhibits or petting zoos. Regular inspection of animal dens can prevent death of animals and violation of health codes.

Common areas: This includes picnic areas, shelters, restrooms, benches, indoor and outdoor congregation areas, or other areas that could pose a major risk.

Amusement park attractions: Amusement park attractions should always be held to the utmost importance when it comes to maintenance as they pose the biggest threat for injury. All attractions should be inspected and undergo preparations for weather changes such as cold weather, snow, ice, and rain to prevent corrosion.

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Coin Operated Amusement Equipment Financing

Coin operated amusement equipments are used extensively in the casino and video game industry. The owners of such sophisticated equipments generate high revenues, but incur high costs at the same time. Thus coin operated amusement equipment financing becomes essential for purchasing such high-priced equipments.

Coin operated pool tables provide a continuous stream of revenue to the owner. The machine has durable powder coated finish and is made up of a heavy duty aluminum frame. The stainless steel hardware ensures long lasting performance. Due to its added features, it costs high and thus calls for coin operated amusement equipment financing.

Video arcade machine is yet another coin operated amusement machine. It can be installed in restaurants, pubs, amusement parks and so on. It uses solid state electronics and integrated circuits. It uses special hardware with multiple CPU, sound and graphic chips and boards. It can be controlled through a personal computer or through some realistic means. It can also include some accessories like light guns, car, plane cockpit or motorbike model. The modern video arcades are highly sophisticated and expensive. Hence many amusement park owners find it wise to seek coin operated amusement equipment financing.

Pinball machine too is coin operated amusement equipment. It is similar to other mechanical games but it may also be used as a gambling device. However nowadays it is used for amusement purposes only. Pinball machine has become a popular theme in computer games too. Though it helps generate revenues for the owner from the very first day, the machine is quite pricey and so many business owners look for coin operated amusement equipment financing to purchase this machine.

Redemption game machine is controlled automatically by the winning percentage of players. When the player pushes start button, the arrows are shown in the display panel. The player needs to hit the punch head with the hammer so that he can turn around the play field. The game provides a lot of fun and pleasure to the players especially to the children. Hence it is essential in an amusement park. Due to its great features, it is very expensive. Therefore, coin operated amusement equipment financing becomes essential to acquire this machine.

The coin operated amusement park equipments prices, though expensive are essential in restaurants, amusement parks and other public places. They are not at all an expense but an investment. The business owner can get revenue from the equipment even from the first day itself. Click this page:

There are some reliable financing companies that have great experience in general equipment financing. They understand the need for these types of equipment in any entertainment places and so they are ready to provide easy financial assistance for interested candidates to acquire them. The business owner would not be required to meet any embarrassing procedures to get the desired amount. A simple online application is enough to get fast approval. Sometimes the business owner would get the amount even on the same day. They grant coin operated amusement equipment financing in better terms. Hence the business owners can repay the amount in low monthly installment. Therefore it is possible for almost all amusement park owners to buy all the essential coin operated amusement equipment.

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Where To Locate An Amusement Park Trains Available For Sale

One of the favorite Beston Samba Balloon Ride for sale with children at any type of theme park is to get on a train. For whatever reason, small kids really enjoy trains, and also have had this fascination before Thomas had his show with his famous posse of trains that had been his friends. Today, it is possible to go to just about any amusement park and look for trains that are designed for young kids, older kids, as well as adults. You can locate parks on the web that specifically advertise some of their rides that bring individuals, and they will almost always get their train as part of their advertisement. Here's where you can find amusement park trains available for purchase if you wish to have one for yourself, or in case you are in the commercial of providing carnivals for various cities and towns that you visit, you may want to upgrade to something new.

For those who have been for an theme park before, you likely have a quality samba balloon ride to buy which is your preferred. There are many different ones to choose from based on the size of the carnival which has visit town. There are several differing types including roller coasters, bumper cars, Ferris wheels, and a number of other rides that a great many people enjoy occurring. If you are the type of person that enjoys to ride on rides at the fast, roller coasters, or those who drop you great heights, or perhaps including the Zipper will be your favorite due to the way it spins around, and provides you the capability to also spin too, might be what you get to the amusement parks for. Here are one of the most favored forms of theme park rides which were available for quite some time, ones that might be your favorites also. Click here:

It could be the merchandise of conditioning, how most of us have come to be in this nation, along with images portrayed inside the movies. Being raised decades ago, trains were a huge part of the movies which were watched, and now they may be very popular at carnivals, especially large carnivals like state fairs, as well as it Disneyland. Children simply use a fascination using them, and for that reason, popular carnivals tend to have a couple of that are offered. They allow you to see everything in the carnival, taking you to places without needing to walk, all in the comfort of the seat you will be placed in with friends and relations.

The octopus is one of the most every rides because it can do three different things. It is going down and up, permits you to spin yourself, and also spins everybody in the ride. It has the capacity to either provide a higher level of exhilaration, or will get you sick from every one of the twisting and turning that takes place. There are actually similar rides such as the yo-yo which only goes in a circle, or rides like at Disneyland where there are magical creatures you get into which get in a circle and up and down. They are all a number of the favorites that men and women have, many of which may be your own personal. The very next time that you visit a carnival, you might like to try something different just to determine if you like something better.

If you absolutely have a carnival of your personal, and you may not yet have got a train, this can be something you will definitely want to increase your repertoire of rides. The greater number of rides that you have, the more people you can expect to draw in because every person tends to have their favorite. If you are looking at bringing kids to the park, especially young kids that might be motivated to come and definately will motivate their parents to take them, always put a train ride on your carnival to be able to almost in positive that children and parents will probably be arriving at the carnival if you enter into town, letting you make better money.

Tips for Buying the Mini Shuttle Ride For Kids

Perhaps you have seen the latest craze that is certainly available today for children?  It is the Mini Shuttle ride for kids as young as 2 y...