Monday, February 15, 2016

Boomers Amusement Park in Palm Springs

For some fun in the sun and an opportunity to catch a breath of fresh desert air, there is no better place then Boomers activity viking pirate ship fairground rides to purchase located in Palm Springs, just right off of Hwy 111. It's the perfect place for some family fun in a variety of ways that test your endurance, your skill level, your strength, and your smile meter.

On my recent trip to the desert, being at Boomers was lots fun with amusement park pirate ship rides for kids prices like go-carting, miniature golf, bumper boats, rock climbing, and a fully loaded arcade with the most up to date games available. With the go-carts, I was able to fulfill my Richard Petty fantasies as I slid through banking curves, roared down paved straight a ways, and maneuvered hairpin turns as I raced to victory. Kids must be over 58" to drive solo and passengers must stand 40" or taller to take the ride. Prices range from $7 for adults to $2 for kids, all depending on the height.

After the racing fun came to an end, it was on to some relaxing miniature golf that can always have one pulling out what's left of their hair. There are two different courses for all ages equipped with lush greens, wild water features and wacky windmills were I had to take some quick steps so that I could catch were my ball was spit out at. The balls and a putter are all supplied for between $6-8. It was an excellent opportunity for me to take some time and work on my short putting game, and watch out for the out of bounds cause balls do tend to fly of the greens. Play it were it lands. Click here:

After golf, I was a little warm having been out in the hot desert sun and nothing looked better then the cool water that the bumper boats sat in. Each boat is equipped with squirt cannons to bombard the other with. And if the cannon doesn't get them, then the high speed bumper action will. Broadside collisions and twirling side swipes are a common occurrence and it usually calls for a wave water to follow. It costs between $2-6 and to have a passenger, you have to be 18 years or older.

After that, it was time for some exercise and the challenge sits in the rock climbing wall that is well supervised for all. Here I was able to pick a path and pull and step myself to the summit of a sheer cliff that I imagined was in the Alps with a cold wind blowing snow in my face as I stood at the top. For about $7 I got two climbs up a 32 foot wall that provides an excellent test of one's skill and strength. I had to find a good foothold, didn't look down and I learned the higher I climbed, the more difficult it became. And I didn't have to worry about taking a spill since the climb came with a harness to prevent any unwanted spills.

At the end of a very full day I decided to spend some time visiting the arcade arena to play one of the numbers of video games that pack the center. Whether it was air hockey, skeeter ball, shooting baskets, dancing to music or racing cars and motorcycles, the arcade had a variety of things to experience. It will definitely bring out the 14 year old boy or girl in you. In addition to games galore, my hunger and thirst was satisfied with a small snack bar equipped with fries, burgers, pizza and drinks.

Boomers is open Sunday through Thursday Boomers 11am to 9pm, Friday 11am to 11pm, and Saturday 10am to 11pm. Boomers also provides group rates for large families and functions as well as all type of specials throughout the year. Boomers is the place to let your inner child run free and experience a day filled with laughter.

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