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Walt Disney World Rides - Top 10 Rides For Teens

Far too often Disney is pegged as a small child's fantasy come true, however many people are surprised to find great rides at the Disney theme parks for teenagers and thrill seekers alike. Here you will find a sampling of the ten best Walt Disney World rides for teens.

1. Splash Mountain- If your teen rolls their eyes at the thought of following Brier Rabbit chuckle to yourself and get them on this spinning coffee cup FOR SALE! By the time, they reach a 52 ½-foot drop to the pool below they will be screaming in delight.

2. Mad Tea Party- Another ride that at first may leave your teen a bit squeamish at the idea of riding a kiddy ride, however the spin action on these teacups is great fun for people of all ages.

3. Mission Space- How many rides have you heard of that offer motion sickness bags to the riders. On Mission Space they do and for good reason. This ride simulates a trip to Mars with all the appropriate G-Force in place! cLICK HERE:

4. Kali River Rapids- Summer time is known for hot days and a trip to the amusement park can quickly drain you. Refresh yourself on the Kali River Rapids, a perfect ride for teens. Just be prepared to get very wet!

5. Space Mountain- Roller coasters are the main attraction at any theme park and Disney Land is no exception. Space Mountain is not the most daring coaster ever but when you realize that the ride is completely dark, it ratchets up the excitement.

6. Soarin, The Land Pavilion- Thrills and chills are great fun for teenagers, but soaring over the park in a hang glider simulation has to rank well also. Challenge your teenager to this ride and see if they are grinning from ear to ear at the end.

7. Dinosaur- Reminiscent of Jurassic Park, Dinosaur takes you on a time travel to a land far away and long ago in search of a friendly dino. However, things go terribly wrong and you have a heart racing return to the real world.

8. Test Track- Boys and girls alike will love the Test Track. Filled with turns, banks, bumps and high speed this ride is definitely a teenage thrill seekers dream come true.

9. Body Wars- At Epcot Center there are many fun things to do but why not combine fun with a little education. Body Wars is a ride that takes you through the body to rescue a scientist. Visual effects and simulators will give you a great thrill ride, but do not go too soon after lunch!

10. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- Take the wildest ride in the wilderness on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Enjoy authenticity of the scenery as you travel through a mine set during the gold rush. Falling rocks, earthquakes and beady eyes peering at you from the darkness come together for an intense experience.

Teens, adults and children will be hard pressed to run out of fun Disney World rides and adventures in the theme parks. Wild rides, soaking rapids and visual graphics make for a trip to remember.

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