Thursday, February 9, 2017

Finally A Theme Park Where Everyone Can Have Fun

Wonderland is a new park located in San Antonio. I first heard about plans for the park a number of years ago when it was only a dream. I was familiar with the name Gordon Hartman Homes who was a builder in San Antonio. Morgan is Gordon Hartman's daughter who the park is named for. I later became aware that the park was in the construction phase and I was thrilled to be able to watch the special that was on the local TV channel announcing the grand opening. I was fascinated by the concept and eager to learn more about the spinning teacup and coffee cup rides details and prices.

Morgan's Wonderland is designed specifically for children and adults with their disabilities or their special needs in mind, their family members, caregivers, friends and the entire community. To begin with, I was very impressed with the price for admission. Admission is free to special needs persons. For caregivers accompanying special needs individuals the amusement park rides cost is $10.00, general admission is $15.00, and children 2 and under are free. Click this website:

The park is uniquely funded. Adjacent to Morgan's Wonderland is the STAR Soccer Complex. The STAR Soccer Complex is a premier soccer facility located on a site that was once the Longhorn Quarry. The abandoned quarry was developed into 13 championship quality fields as well as one smaller practice field. Also included are amenities such as playgrounds, restrooms, and concessions. The spacious size and outstanding quality of the STAR Soccer Complex enables San Antonio to host a variety of soccer leagues and to accommodate large local, statewide, national, and international soccer tournaments. Revenue received from soccer leagues and competitions will assist the operation and maintenance of Morgan's Wonderland.

Reservations are recommended when planning your trip to Morgan's Wonderland. Special entry and exit procedures ensure a safe and worry free experience at the park. You are greeted at the gate when you arrive with special wristbands, designed with special state of the art security for everyone in your group. By scanning the wristbands at one of several location station monitors located throughout the park, you can find the location of any member of your group. This security feature is a luxury that calms the fears of caregivers in the event that a child disappears, and helps to guard against the possibility of a child leaving with a stranger, or leaving the park alone. The sheer terror of losing a child will alone make this one of the parks best benefits.

All attractions are easily wheel chair and special needs assessable including the train, butterfly playground, the Amphitheater, sand box, an off-road adventure ride, and a large, wheelchair-accessible playscape. A carousel has adaptive animals created to serve guests who are incapable of sitting upright, and allow a friend or caregiver to sit next to them. Custom chariots designed for wheelchairs go up and down like the other creatures on the ride. A lake provides catch and release fishing, or you can shoot a water cannon at brightly colored spinning targets, or pilot remote-controlled boats. A Sensory Village provides a number of experiences including a simulated test drive through San Antonio and a TV station that allows guests to do a weather forecast and see themselves on TV. Guests have a great time at the Village Market with fun and colorful groceries providing interactive sensory stimulation through the use of colors, sounds, lights, and textures. And, of the very basic of childhood rides that a few never get to experience, the park has more than 30 traditional and adaptive swings including wheelchair swings. Now truly everyone can enjoy the simple pleasure of a swing.

One of my daughters said that she was getting goose bumps as I told her about the park. When I asked people to describe what is in the park they can't. All they say is that it's amazing, and wonderful, indescribable, and the most fun, a great place to take any child too. I am planning to take my young grandchildren the next time they visit. I can't wait.

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