Thursday, February 9, 2017

The London Eye - London's Millennium Wheel

The London Eye stands proud in London's Jubilee Gardens overlooking the River Thames. It is on one side amazing how this modern attraction was accepted by the Londoners. Have you ever thought of that? Here's how the Millennium Wheel started and stood high equal to London's historic attractions.Click this link to buy UFO disco amusement rides in Beston.

Construction and Opening of the Wheel

The wheel which stands 135 metre high above the River Thames is a masterpiece of engineering, architecture and construction. On December 31, 1999, the British Prime Minister Tony Blair unwrapped to the world, London's fourth tallest structure. It was designed by six different architects and weighs 1800 tons. The wheel is sited right next to the Westminster Palace and just opposite to the Big Ben Clock Tower. It is owned by Merlin Entertainments attraction and is Europe's largest Ferris Wheel. Click to know the kiddie carousel fairground rides prices.

The wheel has 32 glass enclosed air conditioned egg shaped capsules and each capsule accommodates 25 visitors. It takes 30 minutes for one complete revolution and visitors can look at the city for up to 40 km from all directions. It is considered as the tallest cantilevered observation wheel and it is the result of 7 year struggle by the architects.

Riding the Eye

The Giant Wheel attracts over 3.5 million every year. People call the rides as flights as it was sponsored by British Airways. All the capsules are comfortable and the wheel operates at a constant speed. It doesn't stop when travellers step in or off. The Wheel carries 800 passengers which is equivalent to travel in 11 double-decker buses in London. Tickets for the ride are based on what kind of capsule you choose for your ride. You can take an ordinary capsule, privatize a capsule or choose a Cupid's capsule. Travellers can walk around inside the capsule and there is a wooden bench at the middle.

When privatizing a capsule, you can also make arrangements for any celebration. You can order for drinks and anything else you wish to party your guests. Celebrating any occasion in the Eye is special. Night rides are amazing.

Modern Tourist Site

The London Eye is currently the most visited tourist attraction in London. Any traveller in the Eye can view other London attractions such as The Imperial War Museum, The Globe Theatre, The Oval Cricket Ground, The Tate Gallery, Westminster Abbey, The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, The Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, The National Portrait Gallery, Buckingham Palace, The British Museum and The Telecommunications Tower. There are plenty of sites to see around the Eye.

As it is at the heart of the city, transportation facilities are easily accessible. The nearest tube stations are Waterloo station and Westminster station. Private taxis also operate 24/7 across London.

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